Why do people want to choose Golden Goose Deluxe Brand?

Why do people want to choose Golden Goose Deluxe Brand?

I've wondered this on a while (why would anybody buy dirty looking comfortable shoes?), so Ill try to produce my best answer. 

Quality - Golden Goose shoes have exceptional leather and phenomenal quality as they quite are handcrafted by renowned Italian craftsmans. 

Unique - No other brand made scuffed and distressed shoes before Golden Goose did (in a leading way). Golden Goose has generated a very distinctive brand identity (stars, scuffs, distress, leopard prints, etc). Fashion is generally subjective, and uniqueness/individuality is an essential aspect for consumers that have experience on the fashion arena. In other words, when you look at pair of Golden Goose sneakers, you are not going to think they're Nike, or Gucci or some other brand. 

Popularity/Hype - Probably the most important reason for why people desire to buy Golden Goose sneakers. The fashion aficionados (including celebrities that have massive influence and bloggers) initially started wearing Golden Gooses sneakers on the street style scene, which started a movement. Fashion consumers are always looking for your next trend, so they picked up pretty quick. Nowadays, they're extremely popular, it's people want them more. 

Exclusivity - Everybody can afford Italian sneakers that cost $300-1000. By wearing them, you are implying in investing that you have sufficient wealth to buy ridiculously expensive kicks. It is a good way of showing off (also fueled by popularity because if no one knew what they are and how much they cost, it wouldnt be a highly way of on the grounds that youre rich).